For Highly Sensitive People: 6 Reasons Why Therapy Isn’t Working And How To Change It

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person, small accommodations can go a long way in up-leveling your therapy experience.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), therapy can be an incredible tool for self-exploration, personal growth, healing past wounds, or bettering your relationships.

You can learn the basic traits of being an HSP.  You can learn to finally speak up for yourself.  You can learn what to do when you just can’t stop thinking and ruminating about the past.  You can learn how being a sensitive child has influenced you today.

Unfortunately, there are times when you’re not getting everything you hoped from therapy.   Continue reading “For Highly Sensitive People: 6 Reasons Why Therapy Isn’t Working And How To Change It”

Coming May 2019 – Summer Group For Sensitive Souls

– Announcing –

Healing + Empowerment for the Sensitive Soul

An 8-week Therapy Group Intensive for Sensitives, Empaths, and Deep Feelers

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve always felt different. You notice things others don’t catch.  You’re creative, empathic, and highly observant.
  • You avoid conflict at all costs.  You were raised to be ‘nice’ and put others’ needs before your own.  It leaves you feeling lost, resentful, and depressed.
  • Others criticize you for being “too emotional” or “too much”.  They don’t understand how painful it is to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated.  You wish you could learn to let their words roll off your back.
  • Your inner world is so complex and rich.  You wish you knew someone else who sees the world the way you do and feels as deeply as you do.
  • You get frustrated when there is too much on your plate.  You wish you could juggle multiple commitments with the ease of others. It adds to the feeling that you don’t quite fit in.
  • You have a deep need for purpose, novelty, connection, and excitement.  You also need lots of downtime and solitude.  You don’t know how to balance the needs of both sides of you and end up feeling either bored, lonely, or burned out.

Join a therapy group this summer that was created with you in mind.

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7 Ways to Embrace Winter as a Highly Sensitive Person

For Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), the change in seasons can be a time of delight or dread. 

For folks living in hotter climates, the fall and winter bring about a welcome reprieve from the oppressive heat and sweltering humidity.  Yet, for others, the change means colder weather, shorter days, and less sunshine.

Most Highly Sensitive people are very in tune with their environment and the seasons.  Often these changes bring about difficult emotions. Winter can mean isolation because you aren’t socializing as much.  Loneliness, shame, or anger may surface as you feel the impending holidays that may or may not be nourishing to you. Continue reading “7 Ways to Embrace Winter as a Highly Sensitive Person”

HSP Book Review: Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert’s Story by Debbie Tung

A book for the rest of us.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t receive any compensation for book reviews.  It’s about sharing my love of books with the world and, let’s be honest, to justify buying more books.  I encourage you to check out the following book from your library or purchase from a local book store.  

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I love getting lost in an amazing book.  Also, from time to time, I will dip my toe into the world of graphic novels, much like the book I’m reviewing today. Continue reading “HSP Book Review: Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert’s Story by Debbie Tung”

4 Reasons Yoga is Ideal for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

If you aren’t familiar with the term “Highly Sensitive Person” or “HSP” it refers to about 15-20% of the population who possess a unique sensory processing trait which allows them to pick up more on subtleties in the environment, resulting in deeper processing and often being easily overwhelmed with stimuli. HSPs often feel emotions more intensely and deeply. Most people exist on a spectrum of sensitivity, with about 1 in 5 HSPs who are considered High Sensation Seeking.  Learn more about HSPs here.

The past six months has been an intentional shift to slow down my life.  I left my job, moved to a new city, and started a business – all in the pursuit of a simpler life, more in alignment with my sensitive temperament, my passion, and my values.

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Self-Help Book Review: The Empath’s Survival Guide by Dr. Judith Orloff

“Empaths must become warriors of light. Don’t let the dark scare you.” – Judith Orloff, MD

Editor’s note: No compensation was received for this review.  It comes purely from a desire to help HSPs wade through the literature about their trait.  And, let’s be honest, to justify reading more self-help books.

As you know from my previous book review, I am a self-help book junkie.  I love reading about psychology, personal development, and social issues. Given I work primarily with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and empaths in my private practice, it made sense to tackle a review of this book and see if it was worth a read for HSPs and empaths. Continue reading “Self-Help Book Review: The Empath’s Survival Guide by Dr. Judith Orloff”

Have A Better Winter: Therapy Group for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

Are you ready to dive deep?

HSP Therapy Group

How do you handle winter?

Winter can be especially hard for highly sensitive people (HSPs).  It’s colder, darker, and the holidays and associated travel can add stress, no matter how well you get along with your family. Continue reading “Have A Better Winter: Therapy Group for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)”

Why Quiet Moon?

Introducing my new practice name and logo.


You may have noticed some changes in this corner of the web as I’ve started to update my website with my new practice name (Quiet Moon Counseling) and getting my new logo onto the site.  I’m grateful to have worked with graphic artist Jordan Gray, who seemed to pluck my vision right out of my head and create a simple logo which captures the nurturing and grounding presence I hope that my clients experience when working with me.

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4 Ways to Reconnect To Your Soul By Writing Letters

Given our ability to send correspondence in the blink of an eye, why should we bother with handwritten letters anymore?

Writing has become a ritual for me.  I send letters to my close family, friends, and relatives.  I write letters that I never send. I write letters when I feel inspired or sad or bored.   I write letters when I need to feel connection – to myself or to others.  I write letters when I need to remind myself of the beauty in the world, or to articulate the pain I see.  I write letters as a means to slow down my thoughts and process the world around me.   Continue reading “4 Ways to Reconnect To Your Soul By Writing Letters”