Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

If you’ve ever said, “A part of me really wants to….

or “I have two minds about how to approach this…”

Then you’ve already experienced a key concept in Internal Family Systems Therapy.

Let’s dive deeper to see if you could benefit from this dynamic approach.

What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)?

Internal Family Systems is an innovative and evidence-based therapeutic approach to transform pain and restore wholeness.

The core concept: you are wonderfully multiplicitous! That is, you are composed of many interconnected parts that may show up as feelings, thoughts, memories, images, and body sensations.

Some aspects — perhaps your more productive or likable sides — you appreciate. Other parts of you, such when you feel sad or “needy”— you might shun.

In IFS, every part of you is vital to your wholeness and healing.

Yes—even the parts of you that you loathe, hate, or wish to ignore!

What to Expect from Internal Family System Therapy

IFS therapy is gentle, trauma-informed, and client-focused.

While healing can be messy and uncomfortable, we work together to ensure it’s the right pace for you.

IFS therapy is creative, imaginative, and experiential.

Depending on your comfort, we will map out your inner world, tune into your body, or use tangible exercises, such as writing or drawing to do this transformative work.

IFS therapy is a flowing, step-by-step process that uncovers your natural wisdom and strength.

I’ll guide you though an adaptable framework to identify the parts that need healing, calm the inner chaos, and reconnect to your innate wholeness.

Internal Family Systems Therapy helps with a variety of issues, including:

  • Anxiety & depression
  • Eating disorders & body image concerns
  • PTSD, trauma, and chronic stress
  • Self-criticism & judgment
  • Grief & loss
  • Low-self esteem & imposter syndrome
  • Codependency & poor boundaries

IFS isn’t just about resolving pain, but ~expanding~ your life.

With IFS Therapy, you can…

  • Feel more peace and purpose
  • Be less triggered by difficult memories or challenging people
  • Increase your creativity and openness to new experiences
  • Expand your imagination and inner world
  • Enjoy deeper connection to your self, others, and your community

Learn more about IFS here.

Is Internal Family Systems Therapy Right For You?

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