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Compassionate therapy for highly sensitive people, empaths, and deep thinkers

You take things more personally than you’d like to admit.

You’re great at putting on a smile and telling the world you’re okay.  

And you are. Mostly.

You have days where you feel amazing.  Connected. In sync.

Yet. It never lasts, does it?

Shame, sadness, and overwhelm take over.  You put on a happy face so no one knows how much you’re hurting inside.  You hide out for days, going through the motions until you get your energy back. 

You’re an over-thinker.  You have a knack for seeing all angles of a problem. But this backfires when you’re under stress. You replay the day, analyzing your mistakes over and over again. A inner voice scolds you: “What did I have to say that? Why didn’t you do this instead?”

Your emotions are deep as a bottomless well. You notice the esquisite beauty in simple things–dew on a leaf, a child’s laugh, the smell of your favorite food. Yet, this gift comes with a price: moments of paralyzing sadness, overwhelm at the suffering of others, or anger at the world’s injustices. 

Your desire to help others can backfire.  You have a huge heart – and your trusted friends appreciate this. But some people take advantage of your caring nature.  With them, you have to hide your true needs — or get shamed when you speak up.

It wasn’t always this hard.  

Then it happened.  An assault.  A divorce. A loss. An abusive relationship. Something terrible that you don’t want to tell anyone.

Or maybe it wasn’t any “one” moment, but a culmination of hurts, betrayals, and disappointments starting from when you were young because no one truly saw you.

You stopped feeling like you anymore.  Just an empty shell on auto-pilot, attending to others’ needs and forgetting your own.

So, you’ve become a doormat.  A people-pleaser.  The “nice one”.

And you HATE it.

You’re terrified to ask for what you want.  (Hell, you’re not even sure *what* you want.)

Your past relationships have been confusing, empty, or even abusive. 

Your work is both mind-numbing and overwhelming. 

You’d love to pursue your passions… if you just had the energy.  

You won’t admit this to anyone, but…

You’re afraid no matter…

…how hard you excel at work and school

….how much you try to make others happy

…how organized and on top of life you are

you’ll STILL never feel good enough. 

It’s time to feel as together as you pretend to be.

Imagine you woke up and felt peaceful, happy, and deeply connected with yourself and the world around you.

You have a community, friends, and a romantic partner that honors — and even celebrates — your sensitive, fierce, or quirky nature.

You have a life and a work schedule that suits your personality, as opposed to fighting against it. You end the day with energy to spare for your loved ones, hobbies, and yourself.

Finally, relationships start to feel safe.  You are learning to trust yourself, believe in your worth, and allow the past to be healed.

Here’s where I come in

I’m Arianna Smith. (she/her).   
I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor providing Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and EMDR in Colorado.
Arianna Smith

I teach high-achieving, sensitive people how to stop the constant people-pleasing and put their needs first.

In therapy with me, you can learn how to:

  • Understand the over-giving/resentful/angry cycle and how to stop it.
  • Learn how to keep your compassionate, caring nature without being a doormat.
  • Feel happy, loveable, and whole regardless of how your family, partner, friend, or boss is feeling. 
  • Stop feeling responsible for other people’s emotions — and learn to focus on your own.
  • Feel less triggered or overwhelmed when receiving criticism from family, friends, or colleagues.
  • Ask for what you want and say ‘no’ without guilt.  
  • Stop pretending you don’t have needs and actually get the support you want from others. 

Nothing is wrong with you.

Seriously.  Nothing is wrong with you.

I’m willing to shout it from the rooftops.  Go to your place of work with a singing telegram.  Hire a pilot to have the message scrolling throughout the skies.

Deep down, I know that you are built for growth, change, and healing.
If you are reading this, a small part of you knows it, too.

What are the next steps?

Our first step is to have a brief phone call for me to learn more about you, explain the therapy process, and answer any questions you have.

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