Have A Better Winter: Therapy Group for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

Are you ready to dive deep?

HSP Therapy Group

How do you handle winter?

Winter can be especially hard for highly sensitive people (HSPs).  It’s colder, darker, and the holidays and associated travel can add stress, no matter how well you get along with your family.

Winter can also be especially enjoyable for HSPs.  Shorter days can mean more down time.  Often winter is associated with introspection, reflection, and quieter hobbies.

One of the best ways to both combat the winter blues (besides going someplace tropical) is connection and community.  Winter can be a wonderful time to deepen your connection with yourself and others.

A fellow HSP-savvy therapist, Molly Olk, and I will be starting a 12-week therapy group for HSPs.  

Have you found your tribe yet? Have you found the people who really ‘get you’ and understand your sensitivity?  This could be your chance.

Learn more below:

HSP group.png


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