HSPs:  Healing from Toxic & Abusive Relationships – [Podcast Interview]

In this podcast, Dr. Lourdes Viado and I discuss how to recognize an abusive vs. toxic relationship and how to start the healing process — plus how you might be uniquely impacted from this experience as an Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

If you are recovering from an abusive or toxic relationship, you can feel alone, isolated and broken.
  • It’s not uncommon to blame yourself for the abuse (even though it wasn’t your fault.)
  • It’s hard to fully trust your current partner, because of how you’ve been hurt in the past.
  • You might find yourself endlessly swiping on online dating app, never allowing yourself to go on dates.
  • You might still have flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, or alternate between feelings of powerlessness and rage.
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Coming May 2019 – Summer Group For Sensitive Souls

– Announcing –

Healing + Empowerment for the Sensitive Soul

An 8-week Therapy Group Intensive for Sensitives, Empaths, and Deep Feelers

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve always felt different. You notice things others don’t catch.  You’re creative, empathic, and highly observant.
  • You avoid conflict at all costs.  You were raised to be ‘nice’ and put others’ needs before your own.  It leaves you feeling lost, resentful, and depressed.
  • Others criticize you for being “too emotional” or “too much”.  They don’t understand how painful it is to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated.  You wish you could learn to let their words roll off your back.
  • Your inner world is so complex and rich.  You wish you knew someone else who sees the world the way you do and feels as deeply as you do.
  • You get frustrated when there is too much on your plate.  You wish you could juggle multiple commitments with the ease of others. It adds to the feeling that you don’t quite fit in.
  • You have a deep need for purpose, novelty, connection, and excitement.  You also need lots of downtime and solitude.  You don’t know how to balance the needs of both sides of you and end up feeling either bored, lonely, or burned out.

Join a therapy group this summer that was created with you in mind.

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6 Reasons Why Highly Sensitive People Need A Capsule Wardrobe

Getting dressed in the morning can be overwhelming for Highly Sensitive People. You walk into a jam-packed closet, yet feel like you have nothing to wear.  All your favorite outfits are in the wash.  Your cozy clothes aren’t “professional” enough for work.  You just don’t feel like wearing black (again) today.  All your shirts with annoying tags or ill-placed seams are banished to the back of your closet.  Continue reading “6 Reasons Why Highly Sensitive People Need A Capsule Wardrobe”

The Value of Therapy

What is your best life worth to you?

Let’s be honest — sometimes it can be hard to pay for therapy.

How often do you tell your friend or co-worker the following:   “I’m going to the gym today,” “I got a pedicure,” “I went to church/spiritual practice this weekend,” “I had all day to myself to relax,” or “I took a sick day.”

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3 Ways to be an Ally to a Bisexual Person

“You’re just confused. Make up your mind!”

“You’re going through a phase.  You’re on your way to being lesbian/gay.”

“You can’t be happy with me, you’ll cheat on me with a man/woman.”

“You’re only saying you’re bisexual to appear cool.”

Have you heard these comments before? These are statements some bisexual people may hear from both straight people or gay people.  These are examples of biphobia, discriminatory and/or derogatory remarks, attitudes, or actions toward bisexuality and bisexual people as a group.  Biphobia can be seen in overt discrimination or seemingly harmless jokes or statements. Continue reading “3 Ways to be an Ally to a Bisexual Person”

8 Body Positive Blogs You Should Read Right Now


I was having coffee with a friend the other day and the conversation turned to the struggle of body shaming (by others and ourselves) and body acceptance.  We talked about the difficulty of loving our bodies in a culture where we are continually bombarded with messages from media, magazines, and movies that tell us our bodies are not acceptable unless they fit in the narrow definition of beauty.


Sign outside The Coffee Tree in Loveland, CO.

After this conversation with my friend, the topic continued swirling around in my head as I was writing my to-do list for the following day.  Among the many chores listed (which, let’s be honest, I only completed half), I wrote down the single task: “Read Body Positive Blogs.” Continue reading “8 Body Positive Blogs You Should Read Right Now”