The Value of Therapy

What is your best life worth to you?

Let’s be honest — sometimes it can be hard to pay for therapy.

How often do you tell your friend or co-worker the following:   “I’m going to the gym today,” “I got a pedicure,” “I went to church/spiritual practice this weekend,” “I had all day to myself to relax,” or “I took a sick day.”

We say this daily to friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and store clerks without batting an eye.

But how often do you say: “I had therapy today?”

Probably never, right?

Why not?

One reason may be due to mental health stigma.  There is both the social stigma of worrying about how you may be perceived by others and also self-stigma  — the internalized beliefs (often negative) you may have about yourself for seeking mental health support.

If this is your mindset, it can feel hard to justify paying for therapy.

Which leads to my second — and crucial — point.

Calling a therapist and learning about their services and fees is actually the first step in the therapeutic process.

By making this call, you are essentially making yourself assess the worth of your mental and emotional well-being.  You must explore how much value you find in…

  • Having fulfilling relationships and strong communication skills
  • Skillfully processing your grief and loss
  • Navigating the coming out/gender exploration process with support and validation
  • Thriving (not just surviving) as a Highly Sensitive Person
  • Healing from abuse and trauma
  • Learning how to un-busy you life and pare down to the essentials
  • Taking control of your anxiety and depression

There are all things a skilled therapist can help you accomplish.

Keep in mind – you are not just a client or patient.  You are an informed and empowered consumer.  You can ask a prospective therapist about their fees.  You can ask them what value they will bring to your life. You can ask them how they can help you.  You can shop around for different therapists to find the best fit.

A good therapist works as hard as you do.  They are engaged and present in session.  They offer impartial and valuable insight.  They teach you skills to cope with whatever you’re struggling with.  They help you make healthier relationship or career choices.  They hold you accountable.  They call you out when you are getting in your own way.

What’s it worth to you?

Are you unsure about therapy?  Let’s chat.  

Schedule your free consult today.

Arianna Smith, MA, LPC

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