Why Quiet Moon?

Introducing my new practice name and logo.


You may have noticed some changes in this corner of the web as I’ve started to update my website with my new practice name (Quiet Moon Counseling) and getting my new logo onto the site.  I’m grateful to have worked with graphic artist Jordan Gray, who seemed to pluck my vision right out of my head and create a simple logo which captures the nurturing and grounding presence I hope that my clients experience when working with me.

Why did I pick the name ‘Quiet Moon’?  The moon has become an important symbol for me over the years. It captures the essence of spirituality, wisdom, intuition, and femininity.  The phases of the moon create a sense of both change and stability.  That is, we watch the moon change over time, but we know the moon itself doesn’t change, we just see different parts illuminated by the sun.   I think the counseling process is much like this. Our core, our essence, doesn’t change over time, but we can experience significant shifts in our perspective and behaviors when the dark or difficult parts of us are illuminated and given space to reveal themselves.

But what’s a “quiet moon”? How does it differ from a new moon or full moon?  Anyone who has walked outside at night, looked at the sky and been startled to see the moon shining down on them–regardless if it’s a full or fingernail moon– may know the feeling of a ‘quiet moon’.  It is a moon that has been hovering above you, waiting to be noticed, but not demanding the attention.  Our innate wisdom is much like this, present yet not pushy.

When I think of a “quiet moon”, the memory goes back to my childhood, reminding me of the winters I spent growing up in Alaska, where the frigid temperatures seem to stop time.  I remember the world feeling so cold, so silent, but thick with meaning.  And the moon was there, illuminating the miles of snow and mountains, witnessing the barren beauty of those long nights.  As a child, I imagined the moon to be a feminine presence, serenely watching the world below.  Meanwhile, the arctic creatures burrowed in their warm spaces. I believed that the deep echoes from the shifting ice of the lake to be the Earth speaking to her.

It was a magical experience that I can still recall in my body.  Thus, Quiet Moon Counseling was born.

Looking for a therapist who will walk alongside you as we explore the dark and light places within you? Let’s talk.

Arianna Smith MA, LPC, EMDR

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