The Only App You Need If You Are In Recovery For An Eating Disorder (And It’s Free!)

If you are in recovery for an eating disorder, you probably know that it takes constant accountability and support to stay on track.  But what if you only attend therapy once or twice a week?  How can you be held accountable and receive support in between?

I want to spread the word about an app called Recovery Record.  (I didn’t get compensated in order to write this.) Recovery Record is a great app that can add benefit to anyone struggling with an eating disorder; whatever treatment setting (inpatient or outpatient) and in whatever stage of recovery.

What I Like About this AppPicsArt

There are many great aspects, but here are my favorites:

  • You can customize the app settings to fit your needs, what behaviors you struggle with (i.e. purging, binging, body-checking) and what tools supports you (i.e. coping skills, affirmations).
  • It is visually appealing and has soothing backgrounds.
  • It is based around the concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a focus on disordered eating.
  • It offers daily accountability and rewards.
  • It offers affirmations and encouragement on nearly every screen.
  • It offers data-driven PicsArt (2)insight into your behaviors.  Once you start to track regularly, you can start to see trends or patterns in your behavior.  (Anyone else a data nerd besides me?)
  • It does not ask for weight, numbers, calories, etc.  This is not a diet or weight loss app. 

The Best Feature

There is the option to have your Recovery Record be linked with your treatment team so that your therapist, nutritionist, and doctor can have access to your daily logs.

This is where I feel the power of this app comes in.  Yes, it is useful on it’s own, but when you have it linked with your treatment team, that is where the real change can happen.  Logging your food, behaviors, and urges helps decrease the shame that can inhibit recovery.  It allows your support system to see your patterns and help with

changing them.  You know your team is with you during the PicsArt (1)process, even when you aren’t in the therapy office.

Try it out. Talk to your therapist about it.  The worst thing that can happen is it took up some space on your phone (and then you delete it). The best thing that can happen is it takes your recovery to the next level.

*If you are a clinician reading this, learn more about the clinician features here.

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Arianna Smith, MA, LPC


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