To Sensitive Souls: If You’re Not Okay, That’s Okay

If you aren’t familiar with the term “Highly Sensitive Person” or “HSP” it refers to about 15-20% of the population which possess a unique sensory processing trait which allows them to pick up more on subtleties in the environment, resulting in deeper processing and often being easily overwhelmed. Take the self-test here.

Are you weary from pandemic fatigue?

Are you struggling with the coming of colder, darker days?

Does climate change, social injustice, or global suffering weigh heavy on your tender heart?

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3 Ways To Put Your Brain In Its Place

Don’t believe everything you think.

“I am so worthless.  I suck at everything, especially my job, relationships, keeping my car clean and letting my nail polish dry before I leave the house.”

Does this feel familiar?  Your mind spewing at you an endless litany of ways you fall short in life?  What can you do when this is happening? Continue reading “3 Ways To Put Your Brain In Its Place”