A Manifesto for Difficult Days

We all need a manifesto – a public declaration – of how we intend to navigate the trials of life ahead of us.  When we are faced with challenge, and we find ourself slipping into harmful patterns of thinking or behaviors, this is the time to remind ourselves of our goals and commitment to our healing, recovery, core beliefs or whatever guides our life.

I wrote the manifesto below as I was faced with some challenges this week and needed to be able to repeat something to myself as a reminder of my strength and commitment to doing only good in this world, even when I felt angry, afraid, or ashamed.  Once I wrote it, I shared it with those close to me to help affirm my commitment to do so.  I share it here hoping it may provide comfort and courage to those who may be facing difficulties, too.

What would your manifesto say?


A Manifesto for Difficult Days


Today, I will be strong. I will be calm.

Today, my actions will be based in love.  

When faced with those who may want to belittle or demean me, I will respond with love and empathy, for myself and for them.

This does not mean I will allow for abuse or belittling. I will not retaliate, but respond from a place of being grounded and strong. They cannot hurt my core, my deep spirit, if I do not let them in, if I do not believe their words.

Today, I will create a shield of love and protection made of the Universe’s gifts, my inner strength and value, from the love of my partner, friends, family, Mother Nature, the Universe and everything I hold sacred and dear to me.

Today, I will believe in my innate goodness. I will believe I am doing the best I can with what I have. I will give myself grace for all perceived shortcomings, knowing I have no “shortcomings”, only areas where I need to continue to grow and learn.

I will not be afraid.

And if I am afraid, then I will allow it a small space to walk beside me but not let it overtake me.

And if I am afraid, it is because I am afraid of what I am capable of, afraid of how ferocious and strong I can be in the face of challenge and adversity.

If I am afraid, it will be because I do not know what I may do if someone attempts to squash my right to living full of light and belonging.

I will not be angry.

And if I am angry it will be information to process and explore, not be directed at myself or at others in order to cause harm.

And if I am angry, it is anger at the lack of justice in this world and in this culture.

And If I am angry, I will watch it dissipate in the wind and replace it with love.


What do you tell yourself on difficult days? Do you have a manifesto or mantra to get you through tough times?  I’d love to hear it.  

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