Group Therapy for Sensitives, Empaths, and Deep-Feelers

We plan to start this group again in 2023!
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Healing + Empowerment for the Sensitive Soul

A Therapy Group Experience for Sensitives, Empaths, and Deep Feelers

Is this you…?

  • You’ve always felt different. You notice things others don’t catch.  You’re creative, empathic, and highly observant.
  • You avoid conflict at all costs.  You were raised to be ‘nice’ and put others’ needs before your own.  It leaves you feeling resentful, angry, or hopeless.
  • Others criticize you for being “too emotional” or “too much”.  They don’t understand how painful it is to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated.  You wish you could learn to let their words roll off your back.
  • Your inner world and imagination are complex and rich.  You want to know others who feel as deeply as you do.
  • You get frustrated when there is too much on your plate.  You have a hard time juggling multiple commitments without getting frazzled.
  • You have a deep need for purpose, novelty, connection, and excitement.  You also need lots of downtime and solitude.  It’s an inner war – You don’t know how to balance the needs of both sides of you and end up feeling bored, lonely, or burned out.

This group was created for you. 

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During your group experience, you’ll find…

  • A small group atmosphere. The group will be capped at 8 members.
  • Space where your sensitive nature and deep feelings are a common factor, not an anomaly.
  • In-depth discussions about topics that are relevant to your life.
  • Skills to manage anxiety, big emotions, and overthinking.
  • Proven techniques to minimize overwhelm and overstimulation.
  • Strategies to handle conflict or criticism in a way that aligns with your values.
  • A space to practice assertiveness and setting boundaries.
  • A deeper exploration of your purpose and life path.
  • Learn ways to heal your past and embrace the present.

Group Details – Next Session

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  • Day/Time: TBD –
  • Dates: Will start in 2023, once we have sufficient members to form a group
  • Location: In-person in Littleton, CO
  • Facilitators: Arianna Smith, LPC, EMDR
  • Attendance expectations:  While the unexpected can arise, members are asked to commit to the series by being willing to attend most, if not all, of the groups.
  • Age: This group is for adults who are at least 18 years old.
  • Inclusivity: Facilitators are committed to providing an inclusive and affirming space.  Members will be asked to agree to respect all people regardless of sex, age, race, color, religion, spiritual practice, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, relationship status/configuration, national origin or physical/mental abilities.
  • Restrooms: Location has a gender-neutral restroom.
  • Accessibility: TBD

Reserve your spot today.

Interested members are asked to start with a 20-minute consultation call with a facilitator to ensure group therapy is a good fit for your needs at this time.

About the Facilitator

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Arianna Smith, LPC, EMDR (she/her) is passionate about inspiring Empaths and HSPs to live an authentic and vibrant life crafted to their unique gifts. She offers IFS and EMDR therapy to individuals who experienced childhood abuse or intimate partner violence, with a passion for serving the LGBTQ community. Learn more about Arianna here.

Not sure if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person?  Explore my blog or take this self-test.


Arianna Smith, MA, LPC, EMDR