Gatherings for HSP Therapists + Healers

My Facebook Page has the most up to date details about upcoming gatherings.

To learn what to expect at one of these gatherings, read on:

As an HSP therapist, we tend to keep to ourselves. We don’t gravitate to large networking events. We aren’t thrilled about cold emailing other professionals (no matter how cool they seem).

Since we devote so much energy to our work with clients, we are extra mindful to protect our time and energy outside of the therapy office.


We crave connection.  Community.  Exchanging ideas.  Sharing successes and challenges in this field.

You dream of showing up to a networking type event – and everyone instantly understands when you say:

  • “I don’t understand why I can’t see as many clients as other people.”
  • “I’m so impacted by this work, how do you balance it all?”
  • “I am so overwhelmed with just day to day running of my business, but I knew I needed to be here.”
  • “I’d love to learn more about you – but like actually – YOU, not just your business.”

As an HSP, you are more likely to connect with someone in a small, low-pressure setting that doesn’t feel ‘salesy’.

Introducing mellow, non-networky gatherings for HSP therapists in the greater Denver area.

During an HSP therapist gathering, you might enjoy:

  • Taking off your “therapist hat” and just being you.
  • Skipping the small talk and diving right into the heart of a topic.
  • Comparing experiences with other HSP therapists on how they make life and career work for them as a sensitive being.
  • Browsing written resources and books on HSPs (I’ll have stuff handy.)
  • Learning the basic traits about HSPs, including if you might be a High-Sensation-Seeking HSP (If so, you’re a rare breed!)
  • Taking self-tests to understand more about HSPs.

Is this a networking event?

This event is NOT focused on networking for the sake of networking. There will be no required 3-min elevator speech from each participant. No obligatory business card swapping (unless you want to).  No sales pitches.

The intention of this gathering is to not have it feel network-y.  But, it’s inevitable that we will be talking about our careers, practices, side hustles, and passions. That is our shared experience.

You will inevitably meet some other amazing therapists who might want to support your professional goals in some capacity. And you might even make some potential friends.

Is there a cost?

Nope.  This is 100% free for you.

Most places will ask that you purchase a beverage to support us being in their space.  So, treat yourself to a fancy tea or turmeric latte while you’re here.   

I think I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), but I’m not sure, can I still come?

Yes! This could actually be an ideal setting for you to learn more about HSPs and if this fit you.

Ready to reserve your spot?

Please visit my Facebook Page for the most up to date information and to RSVP.

I can’t make these times work, but I need other HSP therapists in my life! What should I do?

  1. Email me and I’ll make sure that you stay informed of anything down the road.
  2. Consider hosting your own HSP therapist/healer meet up! I’d be happy to spread the word.

Reach out with any questions.