Boundaries Boot Camp


In light of COVID social distancing requirements, this event has been canceled. 

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Boundaries Boot Camp

A no-nonsense workshop for people who always say yes.

If you’re ready to start setting boundaries and communicating assertively, this workshop will take you step-by-step through the process.

Can you answer YES to 3 or more of the following statement?

  • You take the blame for things that aren’t your fault.
  • You’ll make yourself uncomfortable and don’t speak up to avoid conflict.
  • You put everyone else’s needs before your own.
  • You often say yes when you want to say no.
  • You can’t slow down – you have so many commitments and obligations.
  • You often feel guilty, resentful, ashamed, and overwhelmed.
  • You’re always given extra projects or shifts at work because they know you won’t complain.
  • You’re not sure how to be assertive without being mean or a jerk.
  • You were taught that anger was a bad thing and to ignore it or be afraid of it.
  • You overthinking everything you say, even to people who don’t matter that much to you.

If you answered yes to ANY of these statements, this workshop might be just what you need.

Boundaries BootCamp is a 90-min workshop that will answer these questions & guide you in setting healthy boundaries.

What are the details of the workshop?

  • Date: Saturday, May 16th, 2020.
  • Time: 1030am-noon
  • Location: hOMe Collective – 6101 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
  • Cost: Pay what you can – choose an amount between $15 – $45

Topics we will cover include:

  • What are boundaries and how do we set them
  • When do you need to set a boundary
  • What to do when your boundaries get crossed
  • The cost of not setting boundaries when we need to
  • How to stay motivated to follow through with setting and holding boundaries – when I get overwhelmed with guilt, shame, anger, or resentment?

  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict
  • Learn and practice the Assertiveness Formula
  • What to do when people aren’t willing to meet your needs or honor your boundaries.

I need this! How do I sign up?

Email Arianna to reserve your spot.

About the Facilitators

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Molly Olk, LPC (she/her) partners with HSPs to help them overcome sensitivity shame so they can thrive as the intuitive, heart-centered people that they are. Additionally, she uses her PACT-Level 1 training to work with couples on bringing compassion, honesty, and depth to their relationships. Learn more about Molly here.  


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Arianna Smith, LPC, EMDR (she/her) is passionate about inspiring HSPs to live an authentic and vibrant life crafted to their unique gifts. She offers EMDR to individuals who experienced childhood abuse or intimate partner violence, with a passion for serving the LGBTQ community. Learn more about Arianna here.