Highly Sensitive People & Empaths

Even on your best days, being sensitive is hard.

You get easily overwhelmed when tasked with what might be a ‘normal’ amount of work or duties.  (This might cause you to spiral into shame or numbness.)

You feel that something is wrong with you or you have nowhere that you belong. It’s hard for you to find people who truly ‘get you’ and your sensitive nature.

It feels like your emotions control you.  You have deep emotional responses, to both beauty and pain.

You notice little things that others don’t.  This makes work and relationships hard because you’re picking up on what no one else is.

You’re constantly told you’re “too sensitive” or “too soft”. People say that you just need to toughen up and stop taking things so personally.  (Ugh, if only it were that easy…)

You avoid bright lights, loud sounds, strong smells, and lots of stimulation, making it difficult to navigate the world or enjoy social events, even though you truly do enjoy people.

You feel bored and overstimulated at the same time. Wired and tired.  You’re living life with “one foot on the brake, one food on the gas” seeking excitement and exhilaration, followed with utter depletion because you can’t pace yourself.   

I specialize in helping Highly Sensitive People & Empaths go from overwhelmed, lonely, and misunderstood to feeling happy, confident, and connected to themselves, others, and a higher purpose.

What to expect from therapy with me

  • Complete a comprehensive lifestyle assessment to make sure you’re meeting the key needs of most highly sensitive and deep feeling people.
  • Learn the innate traits of being a Highly Sensitive Person and how to work with them.
  • Reframe your childhood to see how messages about being sensitive have affected you today.
  • Develop strategies for managing overwhelming situations, including work, crowds, or traveling
  • Practice how to advocate for yourself in your relationships, at work, or with family.
  • Co-creating a safe space for you to be able to unpack and process everything that’s been buzzing around in your head, just waiting to have a safe space to be shared.

Being Sensitive Doesn’t Mean You Have To Struggle

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