Walk & Talk Sessions

As an alternative and/or supplement to virtual therapy, I’m pleased to offer Walk & Talk therapy sessions.

During Walk & Talk Sessions, we will:

  • Meet at a predetermined location to walk in a public area.
  • Conduct your therapy sessions while on a comfortable walk and/or sitting outdoors.
  • Acknowledge the limits of confidentiality when meeting in a public setting.
  • Maintain social distancing (6-8ft) while wearing masks.
  • Plan for all types of weather (it is Colorado, after all), with a contingency plan for unsuitable weather.
  • Complete a COVID-19 health questionnaire prior to the appointment to ensure it is suitable to meet in-person.

At your request, Hazel will join for additional company — and fun!

Hazel is a 1-year-old, extroverted pup. So, she can’t wait to meet you.

Covid-19 has changed our lives forever. But you can still access effective, compassionate therapy when you need it.

Please schedule your new client consultation today to learn more.

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