3 Ways to be an Ally to a Bisexual Person

“You’re just confused. Make up your mind!”

“You’re going through a phase.  You’re on your way to being lesbian/gay.”

“You can’t be happy with me, you’ll cheat on me with a man/woman.”

“You’re only saying you’re bisexual to appear cool.”

Have you heard these comments before? These are statements some bisexual people may hear from both straight people or gay people.  These are examples of biphobia, discriminatory and/or derogatory remarks, attitudes, or actions toward bisexuality and bisexual people as a group.  Biphobia can be seen in overt discrimination or seemingly harmless jokes or statements. Continue reading “3 Ways to be an Ally to a Bisexual Person”

How Finding a Therapist Can Feel Like Dating*

*Disclaimer: I want to emphasis that any kind of romantic relationship and/or sexual contact between a therapist and client is unethical, illegal and should be reported to the Grievance Board of the state the therapist practices in, if any misconduct occurs. I draw the parallel between dating and finding a therapist to bring some humor and levity to the sometimes  frustrating task of finding a therapist. 


Finding a good therapist, like finding a romantic partner, is not always easy.

However, in both cases, finding ‘the right one’ has a huge pay off when it comes to your overall sanity and well-being.

Surprisingly, there are many similarities between the initial stages of dating and finding a good therapist.  If you have ever gone through the modern dating process in the United States, you may already have some of the skills needed to find a good therapist.  (See, all those tedious coffee dates with strangers really did benefit your mental health!) Continue reading “How Finding a Therapist Can Feel Like Dating*”